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Therapy Allows You To Experience Yourself In A New Way!


My Relationship Treatment Model:

  1. Allowing all members to understand the dynamics of the relationship as a whole, how it was created, the roots of the behaviors and the repetitive unconscious principles.
  2. Understanding how the system functions as a unit including strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Understanding the subjective world of each member and their individual contribution to the whole relationship.
  4. How each member contributes to the system on the surface and under the surface.
  5. The goal of my treatment is to help each member take responsibility for their individual contribution and full awareness that all members share responsibility in promoting change.

Depression can be overcome by having a full understanding of one’s past and present experiences and how those experiences affect one’s feelings and perceptions.

Anxiety can be overcome through a process of changing perceptions.

Dealing with various addictions, such as gambling, drugs, and alcohol, understanding the roots of the addiction, the emotional issues that allowed the person to search for gratification via the addictive behavior.

Sara genstil, ph.d, therapist