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Psychological Conditions

My Treatment Model for Psychological Conditions I Treat:

  1. Various conditions that lead to emotional suffering can be overcome by fully understanding the condition’s roots.
  2. The treatment process has a beginning, middle and end where both the patient and I team up to work through the process and witness the process of change.
  3. Uncovering and realizing the unconscious principles that were experienced and dominated the behavior. These discoveries contribute to the healing process. Dream analysis is part of this process and an extremely valuable asset to uncovering the unconscious.
  4. Constant empathy and clarification of the subjective world of experiences that lead to the emotional suffering is embedded within the entire treatment process.
  5. The ultimate goal of my treatment of any condition is to achieve a sense of wholeness, sense of existence, and being connected to the self and actualizing it to its fullest potential.

Depression can be overcome by having a full understanding of one’s past and present experiences and how those experiences affect one’s feelings and perceptions.

Anxiety can be overcome through a process of changing perceptions.

Dealing with various addictions, such as gambling, drugs, and alcohol, understanding the roots of the addiction, the emotional issues that allowed the person to search for gratification via the addictive behavior.

Dealing with various traumas and the symptoms through dreams, memories, thoughts, or feelings associated with the traumatic event. In the process, gradually one frees oneself from the traumatic incident. The therapeutic work is done within my treatment model.

​​​​​​​Low self-esteem can be overcome and converted into high self-esteem by having a full understanding of one’s past and present experiences and how those experiences affect one’s feelings and perceptions that led to this condition.

​​​​​​​Eating disorders: The essence of the treatment is to investigate how life experiences in the past and present led to the eating disorder.

Psychosomatic disorders are often caused through a great deal of life stress and inability to cope emotionally.

​​​​​​​Infertility: At times, infertility stems from various unconscious internal conflicts. Eventually, the treatment process allows women to build the readiness not only physically but emotionally to become pregnant.

Sara genstil, ph.d, therapist