My Marriage Counseling Treatment Model

Marriage counseling is based on one of the  most basic principles that the couple creates a system.   Each one brings his or her being.  Therefore, at times when a couple has difficulties in the relationship, it means that both contributed to the situation.

Healing the relationship means healing the system that is created by both.  Having a full understanding of the input of each one and how each spouse can change the input is essential for change.  In other words, each spouse takes responsibility for his or her input and responsibility to change it.

In this marriage counseling treatment model, the couple has the opportunity to share feelings and thoughts, build trust in each other, learn how to be responsive to each other, and learn to accept each others' strengths and weaknesses.​​​​​​​

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I am a therapist in the greater Jerusalem area and am presently available to accept new patients who can benefit from treatment and marriage counseling in Jerusalem.

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