My Low Self-Esteem Treatment Model

Low self-esteem is emotional suffering where the patient often feels an overall feeling of lack of confidence, worthlessness, lacks a feeling of entitlement, and the sense of shame is dominant.  As a result, one has difficulties in self-actualization that reinforce those perceptions.

Strengthening low self-esteem is a process in which one has full understanding of roots of the self-esteem issue and how the past and present experiences affect one's perceptions.  It is a process of movement from one set of perceptions to a new healthy perception of the self.

Stronger self-esteem is experienced by having a sense of confidence, feeling connected to the self and to one's abilities, talents, and creativity, and having a sense of acceptance of one's strengths and weaknesses, and having a sense of vitality and energy.

Low self-esteem can be overcome and converted into high self-esteem by having a full understanding of one’s past and present experiences and how those experiences affect one’s feelings and perceptions that led to this condition.

In the process of treating low self-esteem, there is an opportunity to articulate various emotions, build a sense of trust, become more social, and have a sense of entitlement and assertiveness.​​​​​​​

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