My Family Therapy Treatment Model

Family Therapy is a system therapy where every member brings his or her own subjective world of experiences. This is the key to understanding family dynamics and beginning the  process of change.

Family Dynamics can be improved and repaired when the family has the opportunity to have a full understanding of how the family system functions as a unit.

In the process, there is an opportunity to discover:

​​​​​​​* Each member's function

* Each member's strengths and weaknesses,

* How each member contributes to the system on the surface and on a deeper level,

* Allows each member the opportunity to share deep thoughts and feelings and still feel safe,

* Allows each member the opportunity to share specific needs that have been met or not been met

* Allows each member the opportunity to reach an understanding of how he or she can contribute to a healthier system

​​​​​​​The Family Therapy treatment model allows the family system to move from a chaotic system to a healthy system.​​​​​​​

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An Opportunity To Go Down To The Root Of The Problems & Obtain Extensive Knowledge That Would Facilitate Healing & Change!

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