My Anxiety Treatment Model

Anxiety is both emotional and physical suffering.

As the result of healing from anxiety, one experiences:

* Being able to have a sense of well-being,

* A reduction of feelings of worry and nervousness,

* Reduced anticipation of negative things that could occur,

* Reduced fear of unknown danger

In this treatment model, overcoming anxiety is a process of changing perceptions.  Doing so, one has the opportunity to gain an extensive understanding of how past and present experiences led to the anxiety, by understanding the dynamics of the systems and the function of the systems that led to the anxiety.

In the process of the treating anxiety, the patient has the opportunity to bring all of his or her emotions and perceptions and build new ways of perceiving reality.  In addition, guided imagery is utilized to speed up the process.

Eventually, overcoming anxiety allows the the patient to gain a sense of control over one's life and a sense of existence.​​​​​​​

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